Girls’ Spring Capsule Wardrobe

I have two little girls, ages almost 7 and 9. I save mostly every piece of clothing from my oldest daughter to pass down to my youngest. Every season change I get so overwhelmed by the amount of clothes I need to go through for my girls. And as the seasons and years go by it’s becoming more and more difficult. So this year we’re trying out a capsule wardrobe for them both. [I’ve included some affiliate links to make it easier for you if you would like to shop. It costs nothing more to you when using the links, but I do receive a very small commission if you purchase through them.]

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a minimal collection of clothing items that you can mix and match. The amount of clothing items varies depending on your wants and needs. You don’t have to go out and buy all new clothes. Go through your child’s clothes and see what still fits and what they like. For my girls I decided to do 10-12 tops, 10-12 bottoms, 2-4 dresses and rompers, and a jacket.

Where to begin?

I always like to choose a color palette. Having a color palette helps me to find items that will mix and match easily. I like to look online and in stores to see what colors are available for the season. Unfortunately it’s getting harder and harder to find cute little girls clothes that look like they’re meant for little girls. This year I found most of the clothing items from Carter’s and Osh Kosh. Both stores have the cutest, most affordable little girls clothing. And the sizes go up to 14. I got a lot of color inspiration browsing in the store. We decided on light blue, blush, yellow, and green for the color palette for spring.

If you are using some clothing items you already own, I suggest looking through them all to find a color palette that works well together. My girls have a lot of the colors we chose already so it was easy to find some more items to mix and match.

What to get

Decide how many items of clothing your child needs. For my girls we went with 10-12 tops, 10-12 bottoms, 2-4 dresses, and a jacket. I like to get mostly basic bottoms so it’s easier to match tops. But I did get my girls a couple of patterned shorts as well. Here are the tops and bottoms I got for my girls.

How to create outfits

I find it’s so much easier to create outfits when the colors and patterns coordinate. Having chose a color palette made making outfits simple. My girls can mix and match everything and it will still look great. I asked them if I could take some pictures of them in their new clothes and they were so excited to do a fashion show. Here are some outfits they picked out with their new clothes.

My youngest especially loves how she can mix and match her clothes and make so many outfits now. She was showing me all the cute outfits she can make and told me how excited she was. She is my little fashion girl. Always wanting to dress up and be fancy.

Here are some other outfit combinations so you can get the idea of how to pair the tops and bottoms. There are so many other possibilities when you have a color palette.

Making your own capsule wardrobe

I would first suggest going through your child’s wardrobe and select items that fit, are in good shape, and your child loves. My youngest had a lot of hand me downs from her older sister but didn’t really like some of the clothes. Typically I just put them in her closet, but I’ve found in years past she just doesn’t wear them and they just sit there taking up space. So this year I had no issues with just getting rid of those items. We always give away our clothes. I don’t throw any away unless they’re badly stained or damaged.

Once you’ve selected the clothes you’re keeping, decide how many tops and bottoms your child needs. Some people only choose 5-7 tops and bottoms some choose more. Just choose whatever best fits your needs. I decided on 10-12 so I could do less laundry.

Once you’ve selected the items you can use, decide on a color palette. I chose 4 colors for my girls, but you can choose any number. Just keep in mind what colors coordinate. This helps you to mix and match easily. Then I would suggest browsing online and in stores to see what’s available. Once you have a color palette it makes it easy to find clothes that will work.

Hopefully by sharing my process it will help you in finding an easy wardrobe for your children. I am enjoying the capsule wardrobe so much. I now have less laundry and less complaining from my girls about what to wear everyday. And if you have any questions please let me know!

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  1. So helpful Sarah! I already ordered one of the rompers from Old Navy via your link! And it was on sale!

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