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One of my favorite things is organizing. I love having a place for everything and everything in it’s place. I also like to make things pretty. If something has to be kept out I want it to least look nice. Our homeschool room is directly off of our entryway. We have no door to the room. It’s just an open den space. It’s fairly small as well. It doesn’t have a closet so I don’t really have a space to store things that aren’t as visually appealing. I needed lots of storage and a place to put things. I knew from the beginning I wanted bookcases. I ended up buying two large bookcases from Ikea. They are the LIATORP bookcases in white. I absolutely love them! They are very well made and sturdy for all of our books and supplies.

With His Grace Homeschool Room

I knew I didn’t want to fill them with just books, I wanted to also incorporate our homeschool supplies and resources. My favorite place to shop for storage and organization is Hobby Lobby. I am always able to find the perfect storage solution there. And it’s always pretty! Most of my decorative storage is from there. I would call my decorating style modern farmhouse. I love wood, galvanized metal, and clean lines. I was able to find so many things that fit my style and function needed.

Homeschool Organization edit

For art supplies I like to use something that is open and can be transported to desk to table to outside if needed. My favorite crayon storage is this chicken wire bucket planter. I have the crayons separated by color. It’s lightweight enough for my girls to carry around the house wherever needed.

chicken wire bucket planter

I also love this old wooden toolbox for markers. I actually found this many years ago at a local antique shop.

I found a similar, yet smaller one from Hobby Lobby. I use these shorter silver buckets for broad markers and taller silver vases for thin markers. I have organized them by color to make it easier to find.


For colored pencils, scissors, pencils, and other everyday use supplies I love this FINTORP utensil holder from Ikea. The rail can fit up to five small buckets. This is a perfect solution to install over a desk so the materials are readily available at all times.

For math manipulatives I knew I wanted something that could be transported easily to the desks or floor.  I found this perfect galvanized metal three tiered stand.

galvanized metal three tiered stand

The top tier has cuisenaire rods, the middle has colored unit blocks, and the bottom has colored pattern blocks.

One of my favorite multi purpose boxes is this wooden shadow box with a glass top.

wood shadow box with glass top

We have two of these. One is used for our rock collection. The other one holds various wooden loose parts, perfect for invitations to play. You must be careful with this box though, as the lid is glass. We had ours on the floor and it was accidentally stepped on. The glass broke so I just removed the top with a small screwdriver.

Another great storage item is baskets. We use baskets for a variety of organizational needs. I love this rectangle wire basket set!

brown rectangle wire basket set

We use ours for bigger rocks. It’s also great for storing small blocks or other manipulatives.

For curriculum and book storage I love this 6 cube shelf from Target.

cube organizer

On the bottom I have shelf inserts to make them half the size. Each small drawer holds a different subject: Bible studies, math, language arts, science, and 2 art. The fabric bins have various books or resources pertaining to that subject. Unfortunately I don’t think they sell the shelf inserts or half sized fabric bins anymore.

I use magazine holders I found from Target for curriculum. Both of my girls have their own. It holds the teachers manual, workbooks, and any other resources they use everyday. I love the look and weight of these holders.

magazine file

I also use a file box for loose paper and worksheets. I have separated them by weeks. It makes it so easy to open to the current week and pull out anything needed.

file box

Another wonderful storage solution is a 3 tiered cart. I’m sure most of you have seen these at many different stores. I’ve seen them IKEA, Michael’s, and Amazon. I purchased mine from Michael’s during a sale.


We use this cart for many things. Right now the top tier is holding some various art supplies in mason jars. The middle tier has some STEM resources. And the bottom is holding the girls’ new curriculum for next year. I’m sure once the school year starts I’ll be updating the contents of the cart.

There are SO many uses for this! Last year I used it as a set up for invitations to play and learn. I would change the contents depending on what we were learning at the time.

I also store chalk, chalk pencils, rulers, thumb tacks, paper clips, small clothes pins, and other various supplies in our desk drawers.

Our desks are Threshold brand from Target.

campaign desk

Our chairs are also Threshold brand from Target. I love these chairs! They are a distressed white and super easy to clean! I actually have these chairs in my kitchen as well. I have 4 chairs around my table but it can be extended to seat 6. I thought it would be easier to have the same chairs so I can just bring them into the kitchen when we have company over instead of storing some extra chairs in the basement.

litchfield dining chairs

These are just some of the storage solutions we have and use, but I also found a lot of other beautiful options from Hobby Lobby depending on your needs.

Homeschool Organization from Hobby Lobby


  1. Galvanized Metal Planter
  2. Small Gray Wood Crate With Dividers
  3. 6-Compartment Wood Basket
  4. Round Galvanized Metal Divided Container
  5. Olive Bucket Rotating Caddy
  6. Rustic Metal Planter
  7. Galvanized Metal Caddy
  8. Wood Display With Dividers

All of these would be perfect for pencils, markers, scissors, crayons, glue sticks, etc. And they’re all 50% right now! I hope you are able to find some pretty homeschool storage solutions to fit your needs! Let me know if you have any questions about anything!

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  1. Fabulous ideas! Very inspiring! Where did you find your posters? I see them everywhere, but I can’t remember where to get them!!!

    1. Thank you so much! They are Cavallini prints. I bought mine from Their prices are great! I made the poster hangers myself. I have a tutorial on my Instagram DIY stories highlights. It’s so much cheaper to make them than to buy. They normally cost $20 a piece but I made 8 for $20!

  2. Fabulous post! Love how detailed and thorough it is. Beautiful inspiration for my own homeschool organization. Thank you 🙂

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