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When we started homeschooling 6 years ago my oldest was in kindergarten. We had a 6 cube shelf, a desk, and an easel. We didn’t need a lot in our room and this was perfect!

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Over the years I’ve added another desk, bookcases, books, and a lot of resources. It’s been so fun transforming the room to fit our needs.

Our homeschool room is right off of our foyer with no door. So I like to keep the room fairly organized and visually appealing since there is a large opening to the room. When you first walk in there is a large wall full of beautiful Cavallini Papers from Two Hands Paperie. I made all 8 poster hangers for $20! I have a tutorial saved on a highlight in my Instagram stories called Poster Hangers if you want to check it out.

On the floor I have a book display holding all of our library books. I like to keep our library books separate so I don’t forget to take them back when they’re due.

The desk and chair are from Target. The desktop organizer is from Hobby Lobby. My girls keep pencils, scissors, glue sticks, and erasable pens inside the organizer for easy access. Inside their desk drawers they have their own sets of colored pencils, glue, extra pens, sticky note tabs, some activity books, and other little things they want quick access to. The desktop alphabet chart is from my Etsy shop.

The 3-tiered cart is from Michael’s. I took the top tier off because I didn’t really need all 3 tiers and it was going to be too tall and cover the posters.

The top tier has 3 magazine holders from The Container Store. My daughters each have one with their workbooks in them. I have one with my teachers manuals.

The bottom tier has our Juniper Grove travelers journals and Bibles. My daughters have spelling, science, memory verses, and nature journal inserts. I’m using mine as a planner. I have a monthly and weekly planner as well as a meal plan and habit tracker inserts. These journals are perfect for a small space instead of a bunch of large, loose notebooks.

The bamboo box is from Ikea and holds flash cards.

The white bookcases are the Liatorp bookcases from Ikea. I have the shelves organized by category. The top shelves are for nature books and resources. The bottom shelves hold all of our handicraft supplies.

The bottom shelf has a little drawer organizer that holds coloring books and paint stix. There is also a basket of yarn and two binders full of our nature resource printables.

The next shelf holds some wooden boxes full of embroidery floss and other embroidery supplies.

The basket is from Hobby Lobby and full of embroidery projects and hoops. I’ve had it for years so I can’t seem to find a link for it. Beside the basket is a wooden para cord bracelet maker. I have large embroidery hoops and weaving looms leaning on the back of the shelf.

The bamboo box holds other small handicrafts and supplies.

The small photo box is from The Container Store and holds needle felting supplies. The green box is from Target but is no longer sold. It holds fabric.

The green and blue books are the My Book House collection.

On the next shelf is a metal divided box from Col House Designs holds all of our wool roving.

Beside the container is all of our pocket nature guides and nature games. You can find all of our games here.

The next shelf has some of our nature treasures. The box is from an old Melissa and Doug car container. The glass jar of rocks is from Amazon.

The books are the Golden Book Encyclopedia of Natural Science.

The top shelf has some alphabet chalkboards for Chalk Full of Design, nature books, and a puzzle. Use code WITHHISGRACE for 10% off at Chalk Full of Design.

The clock is from Target, but is no longer sold. My husband made the chalkboard. I actually had a large chalkboard I purchased from Hobby Lobby but it was too big for my space. So my husband cut it to fit and added new trim. The alphabet charts are from my Etsy shop.

Starting at the bottom of the bookcase I have a 3-tiered tray with cuisenaire rods, unit cube blocks, and pattern blocks.

The jars hold Lima beans and wooden acorns to use as manipulatives.

The two drawer box is from The Container Store and holds my girls’ artwork they want to save.

The divided wooden box on top is from Hobby Lobby and holds wooden manipulatives.

The binder beside has all of our geography letters from Letters From Afar.

The hundred frame board is from Treasures From Jennifer. The multiplication/ division math family board, money board, and number bond board are from Jack and Link. The wooden tree board is from Nature Based Toys.

The next shelf begins our math resources. We have a multiplication board from Jack and Link. Behind that is the Wonders of Numbers tray from Bless This Homeschool and the included number tiles are stored in a glass jar with bamboo lid from Amazon.

The wooden cubes and buttons go along with the board and are held in Oui yogurt jars we’ve saved. The wooden box they’re sitting on is actually the lid from the bamboo box holding our multiplication and division flash cards from Masterbooks.

The addition and subtraction flash cards are from My Father’s World and being held in small metal containers from Hobby Lobby.

The books are from the Golden Library of Knowledge collection.

The next shelf has a place value board and ten frame board from Treasures from Jennifer. As well as a number line from Bless This Homeschool. The small wooden and felt balls are being held in the cutest glass jars with a wooden lid and spoon from Hobby Lobby. The larger glass jar with wooden lid and spoon behind it is from the Target dollar section and holds larger felt balls.

The jars with bamboo lids are from Amazon. They hold all of the coins for the hundred frame board from Treasures From Jennifer. We have numbers, the alphabet, fractions, math symbols, and place value coins. The bamboo shelf they’re sitting on is also from Amazon.

The books are The Golden Treasury of Knowledge collection.

The next shelf holds our language arts resources. We have word builders and letter tiles, a Venn diagram, and parts of speech board all from Bless This Homeschool. The letter tiles are being held in a glass jar with a wooden lid from Target. The parts of speech tiles are in a Oui yogurt container and both are sitting on a small basket tray from Target. The one I have is no longer available but here is one from the same collection. The bamboo box holds our Greek and Latin flash cards.

The wood and galvanized 3 drawer organizer is from Hobby Lobby. I got it on clearance a few years ago so I don’t have a link for it. It holds our music cds and audiobooks.

The shelf above has some Grapat mandala pieces. The jars are from Amazon. Behind it is a wooden balance scale also from Amazon.

The book collection is The Golden Book Encyclopedia.

The top shelf has some chalkboards from Chalk Full of Design, our needle felted and clay solar systems, a microscope, squishy anatomy guy, and The How and Why Wonder collection of books.

I found this vintage printers tray I on Facebook Marketplace. It holds all of our nature treasures we’ve collected over the years.

My comfy chair is from Walmart. And I love having a place to sit while teaching my girls. The side table is from Target. I keep my teacher’s manual, planner, and books for the day on it.

My husband built these white book ledges but Ikea sells some that are similar.

The metal paper holders on the wall are from Meijer. I can’t seem to find a link for these. But here are some similar ones from Amazon. The seagrass magazine organizer is from Amazon and holds my girls binders for the year. This is where they will store their student sheets.

The cabinet is from my parents over 100 year old farmhouse. They had a whole room full of these cabinets. My mom remodeled the room, took some out, and gave me two of them. I refinished them and have two story highlights on my Instagram about the process.

The lidded seagrass basket on the top of the cabinet is from Pier 1 years ago. Here is a similar one. It holds Science Wiz kits and a couple of science activities we will be using this year.

The cabinet mostly holds art supplies and some of the books and resources we’ll be using with our curriculum this year.

The top shelf holds a lot of our watercolor paints and supplies. The blank journals and various galvanized metal containers, buckets, and boxes are all from Hobby Lobby.

The seagrass basket on the second shelf is from Pier 1 years ago, but I have a similar set linked in my Amazon shop. It holds all of our science and nature books.

The metal desktop file holder holds paint cards from our art curriculum and ABC Scripture Cards from Pip & J Papery.

The third shelf holds a crayon holder from Hobby Lobby from several years ago. Here is a similar option.

The small photo boxes are from The Container Store. These hold all of our nature resource cards departed by topic.

The books are the Young Scientist Encyclopedia set. They were mine when I was a child.

The top shelf holds sketch books, extra pencils, extra glue sticks, rubber cement, tape, a stapler, and a portable CD player.

The next shelf holds small photo boxes from The Container Store. They hold various math resources and games. You can see some of the resources we have here.

The buckets and jars beside the photo boxes hold clay tools, oil pastels, and Wonder Stix from The Pencil Grip. Use code GRACE10 for 10% off at The Pencil Grip.

The third shelf holds our art curriculum books on the left side. The seagrass basket holds our read alouds for the year along with some additional history and Bible books.

The bottom shelf holds a large file folder box from The Container Store and holds all of the loose student sheets for my girls separated by week.

The books beside the file box are the history and Bible books we’ll be using for the year. I also have some clipboards and small chalkboards tucked on the side.

The bottom shelf has a large wooden tool box with metal buckets holding paint sticks, colored pencils, dry erase markers, dotters, and markers. We love the paint sticks and markers from The Pencil Grip! You can use my code GRACE10 for 10% off.

I’m pretty sure I’ve linked everything, but if there’s anything else you would like a link for, let me know!

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  1. Love this so much! So you happen to know where your chalkboard easel is from? I loved your reel, but this was more helpful so I could stop and admire each shelf 🙂

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