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My girls most played with toy is definitely their mouse house. It’s just a set of nesting suitcases filled with dollhouse furniture for their little Maileg mice. I made this for them about 4 years ago for Christmas.

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There are 4 sizes of mice available. Parents and Grandparents are the largest size. Then the big brother/ big sister mice. After that comes the little brother/ little sister mice. And finally the tiny babies. My girls have all sizes. And they’re all so cute!

Most of them come in little matchboxes or a cigar box. They contain a little fluffy mattress, a blanket, and a pillow.

Mom and Dad Mice | Grandparent Mice | Big Sister Mouse | Big Brother Mouse | Little Sister Dancing Mouse | Little Brother Superhero Mouse | Royal Twins | Twin Babies | Baby Triplets

There are a lot of shops that sell Maileg. Very rarely do they go on sale, but it does happen sometimes. So just keep an eye out. The website Maileg USA always has free shipping within the US.

ETA: Boutique Little is having a sale through Cyber Monday – 10% off Maileg brand. Use code HOLIDAY22.

I have purchased from these shops over the years:

Maileg USA | My Sweet Muffin | Nini and Loli | Boutique Little | Anthropologie | Maisonette

It’s been so fun over the years to create new spaces for them. I love looking for little furniture at Hobby Lobby or on Etsy. I also like to purchase the furniture and accessories from Maileg. Now they have two nesting suitcase sets and half of the Maileg castle.

Each suitcase is a different room. In our mouse house we have a kitchen, living room, bathroom, parents room, children’s room, and a nursery. The first set my girls got included a kitchen, living room, and bedroom.

Nesting Suitcases

The nesting suitcases are from the brand Sass and Belle in a vintage floral print. I purchased the first set from My Sweet Muffin online. Unfortunately they no longer carry the brand. In fact, not many US retailers carry the brand anymore. But two years ago I found another Sass and Belle suitcase set in a different vintage floral print on eBay. I recently checked and you can still find them on eBay. Just search Sass and Belle vintage floral suitcases. We also have this set from Amazon. It holds our Hazel Village clothes and accessories.


Dollhouse furniture is the perfect size for the Maileg mice. The brand Maileg has so many adorable furniture pieces. They have some that fit their large dollhouse and now they have pieces that fit their castle too. Which I have found is the perfect size for the suitcases. You can also find a lot of cute dollhouse furniture from Hobby Lobby, Etsy, and other crafts stores. Also Hobby Lobby occasionally has sales on their dollhouse furniture. It can be anywhere from 30-50% off. So definitely keep watch! The furniture is very reasonably priced, but it’s always nice to not pay full price!


I loved putting together the kitchen! I got most of the furniture from Hobby Lobby and also got a few items from Maileg and Amazon. Here are links to all of the items we have.

Hutch | Stove | White Table and Chairs | Cooking Set | Silver Dishes | White Plates | Pots and Pans | Pink Baking Tray | Gingerbread Cookies | Cupcakes | Oreo Cookies | Cheesecake

Dining Room

My youngest got the dining room for her birthday last year along with a bigger table and chairs.

Dining Table & Chairs | Tea Set | Macaron Set

Living Room

When I was making the mouse house I kept imagining a fireplace with chairs surrounding it and a little Christmas tree. 4 years ago Maileg didn’t have a fireplace. Now they have one that lights up! (Already on my daughters’ Christmas list!) They also didn’t have any chairs or couches so I opted for rocking chairs. I got a cream fur fabric from Joann Fabrics to make a small rug for the living room.

Fireplace | Rocking Chairs | Picture Frame | Christmas Tree


We started out with just one bedroom. The only beds Maileg had available at the time was the double bed. We have since made that bed for the mom and dad mice and created a little girls room. Now Maileg has many bed colors and options! The table lamp is no longer available but I’ll link a similar one.

Single Bed | Nightstand | Lamp | Stool | Books | Mirror | Art Set | Teddy Bears


I think this is my youngest’s favorite room. I got her this set 3 years ago for her birthday along with the twin mice in a box. There are also some really cute cradle options now. I’ll link them below as well.

Playpen | Bouncer | Nightstand | Lamp | Metal Cradle | Wooden Cradle | Wagon | Stroller


Last year I got my girls the bathroom set for Christmas. At the time they only had the large bathtub and vanity meant for the dollhouse. It is slightly too big for our little suitcases. So I ended up selling those and got the smaller versions they make now. I will be linking the smaller versions.

Bathtub | Bathroom Vanity | Wall Shelf | Bath Mat | Toy Ducks | Smaller Floor Lamp

The Castle

Last Christmas Maileg introduced the castle collection. It has 3 sections, 2 three story sections and a one story section dining room. I got my girls the 3 story section with the kitchen. I’m planning on getting my girls the second half of the castle for Christmas this year along with some furniture.

Castle with Kitchen | Castle with Mirror | Dining Room | Cooler | Cooking Set | Grocery Box | Fabric Chairs | Dining Table | Gold Chairs | Dining Table Set | Wardobe | Fireplace | Side Table

My girls love creating scenes for the mice too. Recently they made a forest and a frozen lake using little wooden trees and magnatiles.

As you can see there are countless options for furnishing the mouse house! And the best part is adding to the house over time. Every Christmas and birthday my girls get another piece of furniture or accessories. We’ve been collecting for 4 years now! You can make your mouse house as big or as small as you like. You can use little suitcases or a dollhouse. The possibilities are endless! My girls love creating little food and accessories for the mice using polymer clay too! The mouse house has been such a fun gift that my girls have enjoyed for years. They’re always coming up with new room arrangements, decor, and accessories. You’ll love watching your children being creative with their houses! Let me know if you have any questions or if I missed a link to something!

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